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For special projects:
development orders.


Sometimes we have to produce something special. For example a drill spindle drive with a hollow shaft for the glass industry. Or quick-acting drives ensuring that a gas turbine can be immediately disconnected from the grid in the event of an emergency. It sounds and is also very special. The requirements for some drives are so special that they can only be met, if the drive is completely redeveloped. The result is always a unique design and sometimes even more than that. For the drill spindle drive with hollow shaft, for example we developed a technology which is now not only used by our customer but has also been registered with the German Patent and Trademark Office.

And we continue to develop new products, such as maybe a special drive for your requirements. For general enquiries or initial details just send an email to development@ceds-duradrive.de or call us on: +49 5976 6449-0.

We are looking forward to your challenge.