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Example 1

Machining centre


Machine tools
Machining centre
3 different axes with preferably the same drive
Machine tool environment; liquid oil mist
Very small installation area


Ball-type linear drives provided by the customer, i.e. the customer can use so far used and proven makes
80 Nm / max. 170 Nm
3,000 rpm
10 mm
max. 25 kN
S3-60 % ED
Directly on KR axles, very compact


Customer benefits

As a result of the directly matched hollow-shaft motor drive the dynamics were extended to such an extent that production figures for this machining centre have risen significantly. The stiffness of the drive systems was also improved, resulting in a more reliable processing accuracy. Two horizontal axes can be operated by the same drive. The third drive for the vertical axis was only completed by the installation of an electromagnetic safety holding brake (resulting in a type reduction).