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Example 1

Winder/unwinder for textile machines



Textile machines

Centring textile bales during clamping using centre sleeves
Textile machine hall with airborne lint
Linear, synchronous adjustment of centre sleeves on both sides



Worm gear and trapezoidal screw drive are self-locking together, i.e. no solenoid brakes and controls are required

0.5 kW , max. 0.9 kW
3 Nm , max. 5.5 Nm
At motor 1,500 rpm
2 mm / 5:1
max. 3,000 N
10 c/h / S3-10 % ED
Very compact installation area


Customer benefits

Synchronous running of 2 opposing spindle lifting gears without any electronics: 2 three-phase synchronous motors are operated in parallel in the power system and, due to their stable synchronous running, centre the textile bales with a precision down to a tenth of a millimetre.