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DC motors: 

Versatile and variable.

DC motors include shunt wound, serial wound and compound motors, as well as permanent magnet excited motors, with each version offering specific benefits. DC motors are generally used in Wind Turbine Generator Systems as blade adjustment or pitch drives. They are, however, also used as winding drives in the textile industry.

Shunt wound motors

The benefit of shunt wound motors is, in particular, their extremely stable speed. The starting torque of these motors is somewhat lower.

Serial wound motors

For serial wound motors, exactly the opposite applies. There is no defined idling speed and their speed under loading reduces more than in shunt wound motors. These motors do, however, offer a high starting torque. They therefore withstand high loads during short periods of operation and are thus also used in starter motors of, for instance, electric locomotives.

Compound motors

The compound motor combines the advantages of the shunt and serial wound motor. With a balanced rapport between speed and torque it is, for instance, used for drives of presses and punching machines.

Permanent magnet excited motors

Permanent magnet excited motors offer the advantage of not requiring any energy for generating a magnetic field. This improves the efficiency in particular in case of a low overall output. At the same time, these motors require little space. Also there are no losses from the excitation windings, as these are replaced by magnets.